Trending now… the “Hanger Challenge” and it’s all over TikTok . . .

All you do is take a coat hanger and wedge your head in it, so the hook points to one side. Then close your eyes – and your head will involuntarily start turning according to many who have tried it. For others, not so much.

Most people who’ve tried it are shocked when it actually WORKS.  And there’s some science to back it up. 

It’s a real thing called the “hanger reflex” that was first documented in 1991.

A study in 2015 tried it on 120 people, and it worked on 96% of them.  For some reason, your head tends to want to turn away from the hook.  People’s heads have been turning and it’s shocked a few.

Scientists still don’t know why it happens, but it’s not just about seeing the hook in your peripheral vision.  In one study, researchers built a ridiculous-looking hat to test different pressure points on people’s heads.  (Here’s a video.)

They were able to recreate the coat hanger reflex with it.  So that apparently has something to do with it.