HOUSTON (KIAH) Taylor Swift‘s latest album “Midnights” keep breaking entertainment records.  She just became the FIRST artist to take over the entire Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Even after all that, she still isn’t the top artist with the MOST Top 10 songs on Billboard.

And all 20 of the album’s songs landed on the Hot 100.  Here’s how they ranked:

1.  “Anti-Hero”

2.  “Lavender Haze”

3.  “Maroon”

4.  “Snow on the Beach” featuring Lana Del Rey

5.  “Midnight Rain”

6.  “Bejeweled”

7.  “Question…?”

8.  “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

9.  “Karma”

10.  “Vigilante Sh*t”

13.  “Mastermind”

14.  “Labyrinth”

15.  “Sweet Nothing”

20.  “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”

21.  “Bigger Than the Whole Sky”

26.  “The Great War”

32.  “Paris”

33.  “High Infidelity”

41.  “Glitch”

45.  “Dear Reader”

Taylor also has the most Top 10 songs for a female artist, with 40 overall.  She beat out Madonna with 38.  But for overall artists, she’s second to Drake with 59.