HOUSTON (CW39) — We get different studies and lists about what state has this and what state loves that, so when we get “The Sports Movie Your State Is Most Obsessed With,” it’s interesting to see what they have for Texas.

Friday Night Lights? Or Varsity Blues? Or maybe North Dallas Forty?

Nope. It’s Bring It On.

Yes, the 2000 movie with Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union about rival cheerleading squads competing for glory and respect is somehow the most obsessed sports movie in the state of Texas. And it wasn’t even filmed or based in Texas.

A report from Sportscriber.com shows each states’ favorite sports movies, as gleaned from analyses of data from IMDb and Google Trends data. So for Indiana, it came out Hoosiers, likely since that state loves basketball. Bull Durham was for North Carolina, likely since the movie was filmed in Durham.

And somehow for Texas, it came out for a movie about cheerleading that was filmed in California.

But let’s not diss cheerleading. It is a big deal in Texas, almost just as big as football is.

But there are several other sports movies that are either based in Texas or about Texas teams. Here’s the top six.

  • North Dallas Forty: The 1979 comedy-drama classic that was a wink-and-a-nod about how the Dallas Cowboys operated behind the scenes. Nick Nolte played a broken-down receiver trying to make sense of the wildness that was pro football at the time.
  • Friday Night Lights: Probably the best Texas high school football movie ever made. The true (with some liberties) story about Odessa Permian’s run to a state title in the 1980s, including filming the championship game at the Astrodome in Houston.
  • The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training: The 1976 campy classic about America’s favorite hard-luck Little League baseball team playing in the Astrodome.
  • Glory Road: Disney’s take on the infamous 1966 Texas Western University (now University of Texas-El Paso) men’s basketball team that became the first mostly African American team to win an NCAA title.
  • Necessary Roughness: A comedy about a rebuilding Texas State football team, with a 30-something Scott Bakula at quarterback and supermodel Kathy Ireland as kicker. Not a great movie by any stretch, but full of football cameos.
  • Varsity Blues: Another great movie about Texas high school football, with James VanDerBeek as the young untalented quarterback with smarts and guts to lead his team to victory, despite what his blustery coach thinks.