EXCLUSIVE: Extended Interview with Pastors of George Floyd Funeral


CW39’s Shannon LaNier speaks exclusively with Fountain of Praise Pastors Remus & Mia Wright who personally know the family of George Floyd.

In this extended interview with CW39, Remus and Wright provide hope, guidance and solutions on what we should do next as a country to really insight change in our world.

“It’s a gigantic undertaking. We make sure everyone is 6-feet apart, sanitize, thermometers and all the various things to ensure everyone’s safety and protect people’s lives,” Pastor Remus said.

Part I:

The two say they feel honored to be a part of this moment in history. Also, that their focus is the same as it’s been since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s – a longing of justice and reform for black Americans who live in fear on a daily basis

It is a blessed opportunity for us but we don’t want to lose sight of this moment and what means for people all around the world. We’re seeing that there are injustices being done, specifically in the United States where black people are targets of racial profiling and biases.

Fountain of Praise Pastors Remus & Mia Wright

They also feel that the policies in place should expand across political aisles.

“We really want to concentrate on on seeing healing happen in this country. We want justice and reform. To see discussion and dialogue across (political) aisle – people joining together to make this country a great country that we know it has the possibility and potential of becoming” Remus and Wright said.

Celebrities as well as athletes and dignitaries are expected to arrive at today’s visitation. Also, some “surprises.” Although they didn’t disclose who they might be.

Reverend All Sharpton is expected to speak at George Floyd’s funeral Tuesday.

Part II:

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