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Lindsey has an inspirational story about how one man from Katy is using FITNESS to fight chronic health issues! Not only does chronic disease take a toll on quality of life, it also takes lives prematurely.

According to the National Health Council, more than 133 million Americans suffer from chronic diseases.  That’s nearly half the population! Heath Rushing shows us how he’s rising above his genetic lottery to live a thriving life!

“This all started for me at the age of 25 when I lost my dad prematurely at the age of 54. It was at that point that I recognized the need to maintain and live an active healthy lifestyle,” says Heath Rushing, CEO of Memorial Hermann Katy Cypress Hospital.

Heath lost numerous family members to heart disease and stroke. “Average age life expectancy for a male on my dad’s side of the family is 54, so this journey is very real for me,”

We may not have been dealt the best genetic hand, but the amazing thing is that we have the ability to either express or suppress those genes with our nutrition, lifestyle and fitness!

Heath said something many can relate to as we age: Once he hit his 40s, the same habits that used to be okay, weren’t going to cut it going forward!

“Now that I’m 42, I’m doing things in this facility now that I’ve never done before, and being pushed beyond what I thought my limits were,” says Heath.

They say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” ”The alarm is set for 3:15 am every morning,” says Heath. Heath’s way is to ‘get ‘er done early!’ Coach Chris with Athlete Training and Health (ATH) in Katy starts whooping him into shape at 4 AM sharp!

“I workout 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. Same time. Generally I do one workout over the weekend,” explains Heath.

He has help from his accountability group, which he recommends everyone has!  ”I know if I don’t show up they’re going to be here and I’m not the one who’s going to let them down,” admits Heath.

Heath has added perks to being healthy. ”I’ve been able to decrease my body fat by 6% in a 5 month period,” exclaims Heath. This is incredibly impressive! He also says his clothes fit better and looser than before!

However, the best perk is the positive impact on the relationship with his wife and three kids. “At the end of the day now, I’m able to be more present and participate in things that are going on after school.

My focus is on trying to be there as long as I can for my family, so I can see and be a part of the things that unfortunately my father was not able to do with me,” explains Heath.

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