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It’s Fitness Friday time! Have you ever seen one of those funny “gym fail” videos?! You know, where someone’s attempt at performing an exercise is completely wrong?! Yes, it can be hilarious, but it can also be DANGEROUS to perform exercises incorrectly! Personal Trainer, Lindsey Day, is here to help us avoid injury and embarrassment.

Here are the top 5 misused and abused exercises!

#1- Lat Pull Down Machine

So many pull it BEHIND their neck, but for years, studies have shown that this puts a lot of strain on the shoulders and neck. Instead, lean back, keep your body still and focus on squeezing your lats.

#2 GHD- Stands for Glute Hamstring Developer (Or “Get er done!” whichever you prefer!)

If you’re arching your back or flailing your body around, you’re at high risk for injury! Your spine and neck should remain neutral at all times. Control the motion!

#3- Just about any tricep exercise

I see this mistake ALL the time! People don’t keep the upper part of their arm still which totally takes the focus away from what we’re trying to do – work the triceps! Your elbows should stay STATIONARY, tucked at your side.

#4- Leg Press

The most common mistake I see is people don’t adjust the machine correctly for their height and start way to far back! Limiting this range of motion will keep you from tapping into your muscles higher in the leg, like glutes and upper quads.

#5- Doing too many Smith Machine squats, or just doing too many MACHINES versus FREE-WEIGHTS in general

Squatting with the Smith Machine can restrict your range of motion and does not allow you to work stabilizing muscles. Be sure to include free-range squats in your exercise program. if you DO throw in Smith Machine squats, your feet should be just in front of the bar, NOT directly under the bar like most people mistakenly do. This sets you up for knee and/or back injury.

It’s more effective to do lighter weight with proper form, than to go heavier with incorrect form.



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