Gov.Abbott and other governors outline a plan for President Biden


HOUSTON,TEXAS (KIAH) Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference with nine other state governors in Mission, Texas to discuss the ongoing crisis at the border. They came up with a ten-point plan for President Biden. The ten-point plan includes 

  • Continue Title 42 public health restrictions
  • Fully reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols
  • Finish securing the border
  • End catch and release
  • Catch and release refers to a practice of releasing migrants to the community while they await hearings in immigration as an alternative to holding them in immigration detention. They are released with an ankle monitor that comes with many restrictions such as curfews, and limits on where they are able to go.
  • Resume the deportation of all criminals

According to ICE deportations of those with a criminal background never stopped.ICE  conducted 185,884 removals during  2020. According to ICE  92 percent – had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges Criminal charges can include misdemeanors. 

  • Dedicate federal resources to eradicate human trafficking and drug trafficking
  • Re-enter all agreements with our Northern Triangle partners and Mexico 
  • This agreement was a Trump-era agreement with Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala 
  • The countries of origin for asylum seekers who are fleeing violence. In El Salvador and Honduras, femicide rates are among the highest in the world
  • Send a clear message to potential migrants
  • Deploy more federal law enforcement officers

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