Grand jury indicts Derion Vence in Maleah Davis case

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The Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced that a grand jury has indicted Derion Vence for tampering with the body of Maleah Davis.

This indictment comes several weeks after he was first charged with the felony offense of tampering with evidence back on May 11.

Maleah went missing in late April. Twenty-seven-year-old Vence, who is Maleah’s mother’s ex-fiance, was the last one seen with her.

At first, Vence told police they were attacked by a group of men, he was knocked unconscious, and they abducted Maleah.

Later, Vence allegedly confessed to community activist Quanell X. He allegedly told him that he dumped the little girl’s body near Hope, Arkansas. Her remains were found in a trash bag along Interstate 30 in Arkansas on May 31.

Last month, medical examiners ruled she died as a result of “homicidal violence”.

District attorney Kim Ogg said their work “continues to seek justice for Maleah”

The DA’s office says they are waiting for Maleah’s final autopsy report to be complete to decide if Vence will face any additional charges.  Vence is expected back in court on September 16.

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