Harris County family sues ITC for exposure to chemicals after fire

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HOUSTON, Texas– A Harris County family is suing ITC after they say exposure to chemicals after the fire made them sick.
Norma Mottu, her husband, her children and her mom all live together in a home in the Denver Harbor area of East Houston.
She says they spent time outside on Sunday when the fire started burning and throughout the week, they all started to feel sick.
She says her eleven-year-old son wasn’t able to get out of bed the next day, she experienced chest congestion, and her mother and husband ended up hospitalized with illnesses they believe are because of chemicals they breathed in.
“We lived under the black cloud Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I think Wednesday it started clearing up. It was low enough; everyone says it was high, no, it was low, I have video of it. I realized this is dangerous. Like what is going on? We are not hearing anything from our city officials for Houston, explained Norma.
This family’s lawyer, Benny Agosto Jr.  says he expects hundreds of other families to file lawsuits against ITC too.



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