(Houston/CW39) May 5th is recognized as World Hand Hygiene Day. During the pandemic big businesses like were able to move between remote work and in person work. But, smaller business likes dental offices, gyms and more don’t have that luxury. Did you know that 10 MILLION bacteria live on a typical office desk? GROSS!

Courtesy: Iredell Health System

Employers have taken many precautions to keep their workspaces and employees heathy. Between COVID-19, the flu and a host of other illnesses the world has been impacted by lately, employees want to be assured their workplace isn’t germ city USA. Here’s some things to be aware of:

  • INFREQUENT HAND WASHING. Guess what? We touch a lot of surfaces that other people use. According to Web MD 92% of phones are infected with staphylococci and E. coli. Germs spread quickly, especially in places like schools, hospitals, and busy office buildings.
  • EATING AT YOUR DESK. It’s just downright unhygienic, and crumbs and leftovers can attract insects and small rodents. Plus it means you’re seated longer which is unhealthy for a number of reasons.
  • GATHERING IN COMMON AREAS. Whether it’s clanging and banging weights at the gym, gathering in the kitchen or working in a common area, it’s still best to wear a mask or limit the amount of contact you have with large groups of people.
  • LEAVING CLUTTER. Papers, water bottles or coffee cups, etc. all build up clutter. Clutter attracts and holds onto dust and germs. Not to mention it’s stressful! As mom used to say, “A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind.”