TEXAS (KIAH) – According to a new study published in Lancet Oncology, artificial intelligence may detect more breast cancer than human eyes alone.  

Researchers led by a team at Lund University looked at 80,000 mammograms.Study authors found that when a scan was reviewed by both a doctor and an AI algorithm, 20 percent more cancers were detected. That’s especially significant since early detection of breast cancer is key to successful treatment. 

Pathologist Kenneth Youens has been studying AI assisted pathology tools for the Baylor Scott and White Health s\System. He said AI assisted pathology has the potential to be “revolutionary”.

“I think it’s sort of a new frontier. It’s possible that one day these tools will allow us to make diagnoses, important distinctions, about patient specimens that a human eye is unable to make. So eventually, I think this could be a revolution in pathology,” said Youens. 

He added they’re currently working on ways to use AI to improve the treatment of different cancers.