Do you find yourself sneezing a lot more during the colder months? You may be allergic to your Christmas tree.

If you typically get a real tree, they often attract mold. The problem only gets worse once your evergreen is indoors. The mold actually flourishes more inside because it’s warm, so the mold count inside your home gets higher and higher the longer the tree is inside.

But, you can also run into issues with an artificial tree. Mold can also be an issue if the tree is stored in a damp, moisture rich spot. Then storing the tree without a cover just collects dust.

The solution…

“If your tree is not pre-lit, you could potentially give the tree a shower,” said Dr. Joshua Dunklebarger, WellSpan allergist. “And if it looks like it’s starting to get dusty or looks like it’s starting to lose part of its integrity, then probably its time to get a new tree.”