HOUSTON (KIAH) – Cancer is a disease that impacts everyone in some way. Whether you’re battling the sickness, a survivor, or have a family dealing with it. Medical professionals say by the year 2030, cancer is expected to become the number one leading cause of death in America.

An American biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, Grail, developed an early detection test for cancer. Grail is a company whose mission is to detect cancer early when it can be cured.

Cancer researchers say this year alone, more than 600,000 people are expected to die from this disease. In fact, doctors say within the next 10 years, cancer will replace cardiovascular disease as the deadliest illness.

Cancer is a disease that can attack anyone, but the older age group carries the burden of cancer. Doctors say there’s a 13 percent increase in risk for developing cancer for anyone over 50-years-old.

On the other hand, minority groups like African Americans and Latinos are more at risk of getting cancer. Part of that reason is not having the resources to screen for the disease early.

Healthcare workers say cancer screenings can lead to early detection. Early detection can provide more options for sending cancer into remission. increasing chances for survival.

The Senior Medical Director of Grail, Whitney Jones, “About 600,000 people each year die from cancer and about 70 percent of that death come from cancers that we don’t have any screening options for whatsoever,” said.

Gastroenterologist, Dr. Whitney Jones says Grail’s new blood test screening called the Galleri test, has the potential to reduce the overall death rate by 20 percent. Simply through early detection testing.

When a cancer signal is detected, Galleri can determine where in the body the cancer is located with high accuracy. Jones says testing in some areas is in the single digits. He says not enough people are getting screened. When they do, it’s too late and because of that it typically leaves a financial burden on families.

The Galleri test is also good for detecting people who are asymptomatic.

 Dr. Jones says if you’re interested in this new screening test, talk with your physician first. Grail has more information on the new Galleri test on their website.

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