Nationwide, pharmacies are unable to fill prescriptions for common medications like amoxicillin.

The Food and Drug Administration reported a shortage of the antibiotic in November affecting even pediatric formulations. Many manufacturers have not released a reason for the shortage.

Shortages as we head into the winter months is especially bad timing since the illnesses this medicine treats – like ear infections and strep throat – are on the rise in pediatric cases. The availability is causing challenges for medical providers because they need to recalculate doses which could lead to errors.

“This is the fist time in my 35-year career that we’ve had such short supplies of so many common medications that are used,” said Dr. Shelly Senders, CEO of Senders Pediatrics.

Other medications on the shortage list include the antiviral drug tamiflu and the asthma inhaler albuterol.

To see if you medication is in short supply, visit the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ website.