SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Are you sitting at your desk for the majority of your workday? If so, these sitting exercises may be a life-changer.

Get a workout in on the clock if you keep working while you’re sitting and typing–and it is possible because the author of this article is doing the exercise as she types.

Seated leg extensions

Here in the United States, it’s not culturally acceptable for you and fellow employees to stop what you’re doing for 15 minutes during the workday and start doing calisthenics.

But you can work out at your desk daily while you’re typing, and chances are nobody will even realize you’re working out.

Here’s how to start your first office chair exercise: seated leg extensions.

KTAL’s Ya’Lisha Gatewood quietly does seated leg extensions on the set of the KTAL nightly news with Dan and Jacque Jovac on Sept. 19, 2023. Thanks, Ya’Lisha! Image: KTAL’s Jaclyn Tripp.

Scoot to the edge of your chair and lift one leg until your foot is in the air before you, though still hidden beneath your desk. Hold the leg extension for several seconds and return it to the floor—alternate legs for three sets of 10-leg extensions.

Glute clenches

Start by sitting at the edge of your chair, legs on the ground. Squeeze your hamstrings and glutes (butt cheeks) for approximately 45 seconds, then release. Aim for five reps and repeat this process once an hour while working.

Calf Raises

KTAL’s Ya’Lisha Gatewood uses a stack of office paper as a weight to make her office chair leglifts more effective. Image: KTAL’s Jaclyn Tripp.

Put something heavy on each knee, such as weights. Keep your toes on the ground, but use your calves to raise your heels off the ground and hold that position while squeezing for a few seconds. Lower your heels to the ground and repeat this process for three to four sets of 25.

And yes, you can do this exercise without anyone at work noticing because very few of us have glass desks! (Though Ya’Lisha does.)

Seated Pushups

KTAL’s Ya’Lisha Gatewood is doing office chair pushups. Image: KTAL’s Jaclyn Tripp.

Sit in your chair and use your hands (on your chair’s armrests) to push yourself off the chair. Three sets of ten reps will be ideal, but this is something you’ll need to do at break time.

And if you’d like to add a little cardio, take a 20- or 30-minute walk on your lunch break.

And yes, working out really can be that simple.

And don’t be afraid to create other simple desk-chair workouts that you can do throughout the day while working.