Fitness Friday: Fit for 60!

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HOUSTON — It's time for your Fitness Friday tip of the day with Lindsey Day! Holidays can make it tough to stay on track with our health and fitness goals. One Houstonian isn't letting that stop her from reaching her goals before her milestone birthday!

LINDSEY: I'm at Breathe Moore Training Studio with Mary Prince.

She's working hard toward her fitness goals this holiday season before her milestone birthday. You aren't going to believe how old Mary is turning!

MARY: I'll be 60 in July and want to go into my 60s looking and feeling my best. I want to be in good physical, mental and spiritual health. I know that 60 is not the end. It's a new beginning for me! It's going to make me better for my children and grandchildren.

LINDSEY: I hear you! We want to follow your journey and check back in with you to see how you're doing working toward your goals! We have Mary's trainer, Nate here and he's going to whoop Mary into shape! Nate, I want you to show Mary what she needs to do between now and then.

NATE: Okay we're going to do a dumbbell thruster. This is a fantastic full body exercise. This exercise is great for your quads and butt, it'll increase your heart rate and burn fat. You're going to bend down and pick up the dumbbells and rest them on your shoulders.  Put your feet underneath your hips. Push your butt back and down until your butt breaks parallel. Fully extend the dumbbells over your head. We're going to do this several times.

LINDSEY: I like this - it's a full body workout and burns major calories! How many days per week is Mary going to do a workout similar to this to reach her goals!

NATE: Mary will train with me 3 to 4 days per week. Remember Lindsey, abs are made in the kitchen!

LINDSEY: Oh yes, you don't have to tell me that! Second exercise - kettle bell swings! This is going to involve multiple muscles and give us major calorie burn! Nate, show Mary how it's done. Try doing 4 sets of 15 reps.

NATE: Keep your chest up high, feet slightly wider than squat stance. It's all in the hips, we don't use our arms to swing. Bend the knees a bit and squeeze the butt on the way up.

LINDSEY: It has the shoulders, core and legs working. I think Nate is starting to break a sweat! This kind of a workout is not only going to work your muscles, it's going to work your heart too! You don't have to do so much cardio when you're doing a workout like this.

LINDSEY: Final exercise - ball slams! For a full workout, do 15 reps of each of those three exercises. Rest 1 minute and repeat 4 to 5 times.

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