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Lower stress, and float your way to fit at True Rest Spa

It’s Fitness Friday time with Lindsey Day! But this time she’s not taking us to the gym, or to a fitness class!

We have to balance workout stress with relaxation to optimize health. Lindsey shows us how to FLOAT our way to FIT!

LINDSEY: Hey everyone! We’re at True Rest Float Spa with Kiran. January is the month people like to go 0 to 100 – real quick – in the gym. New Year resolutions! That leaves the body with aches and pains and contributes to the February drop out! Float therapy is a solution to that!

KIRAN: That’s right! You’re floating in epsom salt and there are no pressure points on the body. It’s a deeply relaxing, zero gravity environment that eases pain, helps with sleep and reduces inflammation.

LINDSEY: OK I’m ready to relax! Let’s float!

KIRAN: Let’s do it!

LINDSEY: All the athletes are doing this, right Kiran?

KIRAN: Yes, tons of major athletes like Stephen Curry and J.J. Watt do it!

LINDSEY: So J.J. Watt must come here? When’s his next appointment? I promise I wont tell anyone! Just kidding!

LINDSEY: This isn’t just for the fitness fanatics! It’s for anyone who wants better sleep and stress management. I float frequently, and boy do I sleep like a baby that night! Do other people say this?

KIRAN: Oh yes, definitely! I have people who come here right before bed and this is a very relaxing process

LINDSEY: That was awesome! I felt like I was floating through the clouds! You have to try this!

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