Fitness Friday: Get your Zumba on with ‘FitMix Communities’

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HOUSTON — In this week's Fitness Friday, Lindsey Day got her Zumba on with "FitMix Communities!"

This group represents so much more than Zumba. FitMix Communities is a non-profit with a mission to bring fitness into under-served areas. Many members say this community gave them their life back!

Lindsey: "It's Fitness Friday with FitMix Communities! I have YuriAmor, Fitmix Communities CEO, here with me! Yuri, what you're doing is truly amazing! Can you tell me how this got started?"

YuriAmor: "It started here in Eado in this part of Houston where there is a large Latin community but little fitness and wellness. But It became this HUGE thing that we take to parks like Midtown. We go to Pasadena and Katy. We do free classes for seniors and adults with special needs."

Lindsey: "What I love about what you're doing is your heart is really for helping people. You were just sharing with me the story about one woman, Kat Nowlin, (FitMix Community Ambassador) who's actually right there! Her story touched my heart so much!"

Kat: "I've tried different things before like weights and going to the gym and the doctors told me, 'No - you can't do that because of your spinal condition.' I started attending her Zumba classes. Since then it's been amazing. I've been able to have a little more movement when I get up and walk short distances. My doctors are happy because I've lost 18 pounds of fat."

Lindsey: "Woohoo! That's amazing!"

Kat: "The doctors wanted me to be healthier. So Yuri Amor Perez and FitMix Communities have given me the opportunity and a better life overall. I feel more confident and I didn't know I could ever be a dancer... Zumba hasn't just changed my life. It's given me the confidence for what I've always wanted to do."

Lindsey: "And girl this is just the beginning, right?!"

Kat: "Yes! It's just the beginning!"

FitMix Communities non-profit has a huge Zumba party January 26th and 27th. They're raising money to continue serving senior citizens, veterans and adults with special needs. Here is more info if you're interested in attending or supporting:

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