HOUSTON (KIAH) — If you look at the trending list of new year’s resolutions, year after year, the goal of exercising more, tops the charts.

We often have these lofty, ambitious goals on January 1st , but don’t have a plan to attack them. So I talked to Colby Gibson, a certified fitness professional, to help us out!

What fitness mistakes do people normally make going into the new year?  

Colby Gibson: The biggest mistake that people make is going all out at an unsustainable pace. The key is to start with something you can maintain, whether that’s just adding movement time to every day or committing to eating 4 meals every day. If you do too much for the month of January alone, it will end up only being a phase. Don’t let all the information that is out there confuse you, talk to the professionals who know you and your story.

How can a first-time gym goer keep from being intimidated by crowded gyms? 

Colby Gibson: Remember we all started somewhere. We all want to see everyone WIN. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At the end of the day Tunnel Vision is a real thing in the gym, you MUST have it, don’t worry about anyone else because no one is worried about you (possibly harsh but true).

Are you ever too old to lift heavy weights? 

Colby Gibson: NEVER. Lifting and Movement are a part of life. You can never outgrow it. Movement is the key to longevity.

Colby Gibson (CEO) and Julia Gibson- Illuminate Sweat

Wrapping things up Colby says, “Balance is key. Focus on yourself. Go to the Pros for the results.”

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