HOUSTON (CW39) – We continue to break down some of the most common New Year’s resolutions in 2023… We covered how to improve your fitness, diet, and finances so far… today we have Steffanie Campbell on the show to help explain why breaking those bad habits of tabacco use and even alcohol consumption is good idea. 

Today we break down the following questions LIVE

  1. How often in your practice to you see health problems caused or worsened by the habit of smoking? 
  1.  What are some of these health conditions that are DIRECTLY related to cigarettes? 
  1. Why is this such a hard habit to break even though the dangers of smoking cigarettes are so well known? 
  1. Alcohol consumption is what some may call a bad habit… but I have always believed in the phrase “everything in moderation”. Dry January is trending… what can a month without alcohol do for your health? What should people notice is they stay sober for 31 days! 
  1. How do you know when to seek help for either of these topics? Where can you get help? 

Steffanie Campbell recommends the following:

  • Tobacco – There is no safe level of smoking
  • Alcohol – Up to 1-drink per day for women 
  • Alcohol – Up to 2-drinks per day for men 

Contact information:

Phone number: 713-442-0000

Website: kelsey-seybold.com