HOUSTON (KIAH) — Whether it’s family dynamic, hectic travel plans, or just the colder, darker weather, for many people, the holidays can feel complicated and stressful.

According to psychologist Kenleigh McMinn, if you have a case of the holiday blues, you’re not alone. Research shows some experience an uptick in depression around the holiday season.

McMinn cautions if you’re traveling or out of your daily routine, be sure to keep up with the things that help you cope in stressful times.

“I think a lot of times, especially when our routines change around the holidays, maybe we’re in different places around different people. Kind of our usual stuff just kind of goes to the wayside,” said Dr. McMinn. “If you’re connecting with other family members, make sure you’re still in touch with your social support. If you have a therapist, make sure you’re still talking to your therapist. Don’t necessarily miss out on those things that normally help you get through.”

Dr. McMinn said for many people those things include exercise, moments for fun and relaxation – like reading or a hobby- and getting enough rest.