HOUSTON (KIAH) – Trying to make some big changes for the New Year? What about doing it as a family?

Family medicine doctor John Myers says making New Year’s resolutions together can increase accountability and success. But he advised don’t think too big, as small steps are easier to maintain long term.

Having trouble getting your kids on board? He said rather than making a structured family resolution – for example, to run a mile a day – reframe it as a daily commitment to simply getting your heart rate up and then be prepared to get creative.

“Maybe your child really doesn’t want to go outside and run or play sports, then trying to force your child to run around the track a mile, two miles every night, is not gonna work long term because they’ll stop at the minute you don’t force them. Play to your kids’ strengths, play to their interests,” said Dr. Myers.

For example, Dr. Myers said he’s seen several patients lose significant amounts of weight playing virtual reality video games that get them up and moving.