HOUSTON (CW39) — As college campuses are opening up and move-in days are happening all over Texas, COVID is still a worry for many. And now, there’s monkeypox on top of that.

We know monkeypox spreads through close or intimate contact, but it can also spread by prolonged contact with infected people or contaminated bedding or clothing. This makes roommate and dorm life an area of concern for college administrators.

Local colleges and universities are on alert and have been running campaigns on their website and social media to educate students about monkeypox: prevention, symptoms, and what to do if they have a suspected case.

For instance, The University of Houston says they are, “…preparing response plans and University-specific guidance, should there be any cases on campus. Just as we have seen with other communicable diseases, infection rates on campus are likely to mirror the incidence of this virus in the community.”

As of the latest numbers posted on Texas Health and Humans Services website, the Lone Star State has 701 reported cases in Texas.

Looking at the data, the 18-29 age group has 190 of those cases.

Age CategoryNumber of Cases
<18 Years 2
18-29 Years 190
30-39 Years  315
40-49 Years 128
50-59 Years  58
60+ Years 7