HOUSTON (KIAH) Houston may have the best coffee and some may go as far as to pay $150 for a jult of java, But does it really give you a healthy boost? We found out!

Sometimes we don’t always get a chance to ask our doctors all the questions we may have. Do you have a health related question about early detection? Allergies? Cold and flu? Both?! How about injuries or seasonal concerns? CW39 hosts Texas medical experts at Baylor Scott and White who address the latest medical news. Not just that, Baylor, Scott and White also address medical and health related trends that impact you and your family. Every day, Idolina Peralez has your Medical Minute each morning with more from our medical experts. Every week, we get answers to many of the most common patient questions. CW39 also gets reaction from experts at Baylor Scott and White about the latest medical research that continues to impact the future of medicine. Want health news sent directly to your email box every morning? Subscribe to our newsletters and be sure to get the CW39 app.