Meals to maximize marathon results

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LINDSEY: Hey everyone! I have a super speedy marathon runner here with me, Derick. He was actually one of my first clients. We go way back!

DERICK: Yep I’ve been staying on top of my training and I’m running the half marathon this Sunday!

LINDSEY: Let’s show everyone how to fuel for the race. What’s for dinner the night before?

DERICK: Dinner will be two sweet potatoes, half of an avocado and 5 oz of chicken.

LINDSEY: Perfect! Our bodies burn both carbs (glucose) and fat for energy during run. The sweet potato is our glucose-rich carb source to fuel the run. The avocado is our fat source to fuel run. The chicken provides protein to stabilize blood sugar and support the muscles.

DERICK: I’m also hydrating throughout the day Saturday with lots of water and this electrolyte drink, rehydrate. You have to start hydrating the day before.

LINDSEY: BINGO! What about breakfast the morning of?

DERICK: I’ll eat bananas with maple syrup, goji berries, 1 whole egg and a half cup of egg whites. I’ll also drink water, more electrolyte drink and spark.

LINDSEY: This is perfect because it’s a high carb, low fiber and low fat meal. Fiber and fat take longer to digest.

The egg whites are a perfect protein source because they digest quicker than chicken or steak.  You have a little bit of healthy fat with the 1 egg yolk. This is enough to absorb the vitamins and minerals but not too much to the point where digestion is too slow.

You’ll eat this about 2 hours before the run.

This is not the day to introduce new foods that might mess with your stomach.  Have you ever had an experience like that Derick?

DERICK: Oh yeah I have no will power so I ate a whole bunch of enchiladas the day before and that didn’t work so well!

LINDSEY: I don’t think any marathon runner can say ‘I have no will power’ haha! I feel a new PR coming on this race! Let’s do it!

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