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HOUSTON (KIAH) – Dr. Stacy Sam says everyone should feel good about their appearance. She says as a woman who has been on both sides of the table, she encourages women to not only get plastic surgery but emphasizes the importance of proper aftercare treatment to maintain the results.

“Business is, is booming. The plastic surgery business is booming,” said Dr. Sam.

When most people think of cosmetic or plastic surgery, the first place that comes to mind is Miami or somewhere overseas. In recent months, more women are traveling to Houston for a life-changing experience.

“Patients know that when they come to Houston, they’re going to be worked on by world-renown surgeons. The best of the best. And now, they’ll be able to get the best aftercare as well,” said Dr. Sam.

Sam, a registered nurse of 18 years, is advocating for 24-hour care after undergoing plastic surgery.

She says along with doing your own research on board-certified surgeons, looking at their previous results, and going to more than one consultation, people should also consider their recovery care process.

“Plastic surgery is still surgery. So, you know it’s still a serious medical procedure that should not be approached lightly,” Dr. Sam.

Sam’s goal is to make aftercare the “new normal”. At the start of 2022, she opened a recovery house where people can spend days getting the proper medical attention needed post-operation.

The Luxury VIP Recovery House has certified nurses to monitor your progress, help increase your mobility, and ensure you have everything you need to heal properly.

“I think people are super excited about the results that… they’re not thinking about the toll that surgery takes on your body and how do I maintain these results. And how do I stay healthy and recover well,” said Sam.

Tasha Williams, a mother of four girls, traveled to Houston from Florida for surgery on her boobs. Williams believes every woman should feel confident about their body. In order to achieve that, it starts with proper treatment after surgery.

“When I say I’m such an advocate for surgery and I listen to women. And they like – I wish I would’ve stayed four more days. I wish I would’ve stayed an extra week because that care is so so needed. It’s not something that you can just – Ima go home and my friend is a nurse. Or Ima have my friend – no,” said Williams.

Sam says health and safety are key. That’s why VIP Recovery is committed to helping women achieve a better outcome.

“As a patient and then as a provider and caregiver, so when a patient tells me they’re hurting… I know they’re hurting. And I know what that pain felt like for me. So, I think that as a team… our approach to the patient’s comfort levels and needs are different,” said Dr. Sam.

Sam says if you’re considering surgery of any kind. There’s a series of questions you should ask yourself or things to consider…

  • “Am I healthy?”.
  • “Does the surgeon have experience working on my body type?”
  • “Is this doctor or professional certified?”
  • “Did I research more than one doctor?”
  • “Am I being realistic about what I want?”