HOUSTON (KIAH) – Amid concerns of a tripledemic hitting the country, Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, representing the 18th Congressional District of Texas, is calling for $10 billion for the activation of vaccine sites once again.

“There is no doubt that we expect over the next six weeks a surge of the flu comparable to an epidemic or a pandemic. We can see it around the world,” said Congresswoman Lee.

Lee, a senior member of the budget committee, a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee, and the chair of the bipartisan COVID-19 task force. She, along with the medical community, are urging all Houstonians and Harris County residents to get vaccinated for the flu and get boosted for the coronavirus.

“Now we’re at a point where we have several things that are converging,” she said.

Medical experts have been warning we are heading into a rough flu season and are predicting a surge in COVID this winter, all while we are in the middle of spiking RSV cases – hitting children hardest and straining regional hospitals.

“There are waiting lists when children want to get into hospitals, they simply cannot go immediately because they are overwhelmed,” Lee said.

While there is no vaccine for RSV, there is one for the flu and COVID. That is why the congresswoman is pushing for $10 billion to help fight the pending rise of COVID.

“And then continue to seek dollars, about $200 million that is, going to focus on flu in particular. But the emphasis is, I want this community to be able to access flu shots for free,” she said.