TEXAS (KIAH) – Preparing for a new school year can be a hectic time, but medical experts urged parents to not forget to schedule their childrens’ back-to-school exam.

Nurse practitioner Anna Dick with Baylor Scott and White Hospital says checking in with your pediatrician before going back to school is an important touchpoint to flag any issues and ensure the child’s growth is on track. 

Wellness exams are also a chance to ensure immunizations that may be required for your child to attend school are up to date.

Dick said what the exam will cover is tailored to your child’s age.

“For our younger kids, we focus a lot on developmental milestones, how they’re growing, what they’re eating and how they’re sleeping. For our older kids, we might focus a little more on play safety, so safe bike riding, safe swimming habits,” she said.

Dick added for teens and pre-teens, the conversation may also include safely using social media and healthy peer interactions.