HOUSTON (KIAH) – According to a survey by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 40% of students reported they experienced bullying at school in the past year.

With World Day of Bullying Prevention observed this month, I thought it would be a good idea to sit down with pediatrician Dr. Christina Johns.

Additional highlights from the 2023 Youth Right Now survey include: 

  • Young people are socially conscious and care deeply about social justice issues. 
    • 86% of youth feel they can stand up for what they think is right even if their friends disagree.
    • 81% of youth feel they can make a difference in their community.
    • Across all racial backgrounds, racial justice rises to the top as a key issue teens care about, with more than half (53%) reporting it as the number one issue they care about.*
  • Young people are making positive decisions to support their futures.
    • Academics are a priority – 83% of youth report making grades of either mostly A’s or mostly B’s in the last school year.
    • Youth are taking care of their physical health – they’re eating well (70% say they eat at least three fruits and vegetables per day), getting physical activity (53% report getting more than 60 minutes of physical activity at least five days a week), and teens are largely abstaining from risky behaviors such as smoking and drug and alcohol use.
  • Today’s youth are compassionate and empathetic, and that’s especially true of Gen Z teens.
    • 83% of teens report they’ve done something to help people in their community.
    • 85% of youth think of how other people will be affected when making a decision.
    • 89% of youth say when they are the leader of a group, they make sure everyone feels important.
    • 94% of youth say they can work with people who are different than them.