TEXAS (KIAH) – Do 3D mammograms save more lives than two-dimensional ones? That’s what a new study aims to find out.

Close to 100,000 women have enrolled in an international study, according to the Associated Press. Some women will get traditional mammograms and the others will get 3D versions. The results will be compared at the end of the study to find out whether the type of mammography a woman gets translates into more lives saved.

Doctors already using 3D technology said it has shown to be better at detecting abnormalities.

“Instead of just taking two-dimensional x-rays, it actually compiles very small two-dimensional x-rays into a 3-d image using computer programming. And those images are more detailed and allow radiologists to detect up to 40% more abnormalities,” explained Dr. Kaitlin Bokhari, Baylor Scott & White Health.

While 3D imaging may catch more cancers, not all cancers will progress or require treatment.

So, the study hopes to parse out whether 3d mammograms save lives versus just identify more cancers.