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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) – Madelline Vicencio is a local artist born and raised in Houston. Inspired by Houston’s art scene, she began painting as a child. She says “Art speaks when words need to rest.” Her latest project is called “Color Over the Border” featured in the Czech Center Museum. She says she was inspired by her mother…who came from Mexico with the hopes of finding a better life.

There is about 1.2 million immigrants coming every year to the U.S. we have to discuss the idea of rights, equal rights for everyone.

Madelline Vicencio, Artist 

The mural highlights the Czech migration to Houston. She says upon doing this project she grew newfound respect for her city.

We’ve been a safe haven for so many people and just understanding the mind of like my mother who came here and why Houston? And I see it now we’re so welcoming.

Madelline Vicencio, Artist 

Madelline says seeing her art on display reminds her that anything is possible.

Art is probably the best way I cope and express myself, I think I have a lot to talk about especially when I talk about personable feelings and my own family’s traditions

Madelline Vicencio, Artist