Hispanics unite in relatable memes for Hispanic Heritage month on Twitter


HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Hispanic Heritage month is officially here and Latinos/Latinas are celebrating the month with a variety of memes.

From food to sayings, Hispanic Culture isn’t something that can be summed up in a few sentences.

So in a form of appreciation, Latinos have been sharing images and videos of relatable moments for a Hispanic.

Hispanic Household

This fruit assortment magnet collection is a staple in many Hispanic households.
Winter is officially here when these blankets came around. These infamous blankets are a warm happy place for many Latinos/Latinas.
Before you preheat the oven, make sure you clear the oven!
Many Hispanic households use the oven as a little extra storage space, specifically for pots and pans.
Although the oven is a great space for storage, many Hispanic households store their china and glassware. Specifically in this brown wood china cabinet.
Whether it was your mom, grandma, or your tia everyone can relate to hearing the laughter from conversations of gossip and life.
From family cookouts or conversations on the porch, this chair is a common outdoor furniture piece in a Hispanic household. Many replied to the post with photos of their loved ones in the chair.


Party Party Party

Cookouts, Fiestas, and Quinceaneras were a regular occurrence for many Hispanics. As children, the party didn’t end when you told your parents you were tired, so many can relate to making a makeshift bed from chairs at a Quince. The music blasting soon became a lullaby.
Mordida (translated to English as meaning bite), is a tradition in which partygoers encourage the birthday boy/girl to take a bite out of the cake. As soon as the birthday girl/boy leans in for a bite, someone usually pushes them face-first into the cake.

Viral Sensations

Viral memes that require no explanation, from live television to hilarious videos.

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