HOUSTON (KIAH)  The Holiday season is already here! And Predictions for Holiday Retail spending for 2021 are out. And the information could be great news for retailers around the Houston area.

Last week, Deloitte released its 2021 Holiday Retail Survey, and the findings on Houston, ahead of the holiday season getting into full swing, are now out. Some of the key Houston findings include local spending projected to be up almost 6% but not yet hitting pre-pandemic levels. So here’s how they break down.

  • Average spending in Houston is at $1,269 (versus $1,201 in 2020); that`s equivalent to the average spend in the entire South ($1,269)
  • The majority of Houston spending will be on experiences (e.g., entertainment, travel, and socializing) vs. gifts
  • Underpinning this growth: just under 70% of surveyed Houstonians have an optimistic economic view and nearly 8 in 10 say their household financial situations are more stable than last year
  • 5% of surveyed Houston shoppers are concerned about stockouts, with the most fear about electronics and accessories to potentially be out-of-stock
  • In-store shopping regains some lost ground in Houston, but online shopping is a pandemic shopping habit that stuck
  • Health and safety anxiety is about the same as last year (44% consumers anxious versus 46% in 2020) but some pandemic shopping behaviors are sticking
  • 63% of spend is expected to occur online, while curbside pickup and BOPIS remain popular for convenience
  • Pre-Thanksgiving shopping is on the rise in Houston; early shoppers to spend 50% more than later shoppers
  • 65% of surveyed Houston shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, citing potential shipping issues (49%) and stockout issues (47%) for the shift in timing
  • Those that start shopping early are expected to spend 50% more than those who start on Thanksgiving or later

If you’d like more information on this study and look at holiday spending changes around the nation, check out this Link.