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HOUSTON (CW39) An early morning police chase, ends with a woman hit while attempting to run from Harris County deputies.

That’s where police were chasing a black van.

After exiting, it finally crashed along the frontage road right off of of I-10 the Katy freeway near Barker Cypress & Park 10 going towards Highway 6.

An investigation is underway so avoid this area. You do have access to the frontage road.

The suspects inside the car got out and ran across the freeway where one suspect was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

That investigation scene is blocking all of the outbound main lanes of 290. So both directions are moving pretty slow due to rubbernecking inbound. However, you have access to one lane getting by that accident this morning.


If you’re trying to get towards 99, avoid I-10 the Katy freeway and take 290 instead but beware of the slow after Hwy 6 inbound.

This accident has all of those main lanes completely blocked. You can take the frontage road on the other side.

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The van involved is on the inbound side the where all the main lanes are closed are outbound but it’s going to be moving very slow. If you’re traveling here, try to hold off on that commute until the area has cleared.