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HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) –   The gas price average for Texas remains stable despite Hurricane Nicholas, which battered gulf coast earlier this week.  According to AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch, the statewide gas price average in Texas is $2.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel.  That price is one cent less than from this day last week and is 95 cents more per gallon compared to this day last year.  Drivers in Odessa are paying the most on average at $3.09 per gallon while drivers in San Antonio are paying the least at $2.68 per gallon.  Nationally, average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.19, which is one cent more when compared to this day last week and $1.01 more than the price per gallon at this same time last year.

Source: gasprices.aaa.com

Pump prices have the potential to still be volatile at times over the next few weeks as the Gulf of Mexico has experienced two hurricanes recently in Texas and Louisiana, impacting the oil and gas industry.  However, as we approach the fall season, and barring any major disruptions, drivers could see gas prices decrease as fewer people tend to take road trips this time of the year.”

AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster

Two tropical systems have disrupted he oil and gas industry, but despite this, the statewide gas price average managed to remain stable through Thursday morning.  The AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch says this is likely due to a drop in demand for gasoline, which is normal after the Labor Day holiday.  Some Texas metropolitan areas like Midland, Odessa and Laredo, have experienced average pump price spikes since last week.  Compared to the rest of the nation, drivers in Texas are paying the 2nd lowest gas price average in the country.  For more information on this report visit gasprices.aaa.com.

Source: gasprices.aaa.com

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