Houstonians are really friendly, y’all!

Study says fist bumps spread a lot less germs than handshakes

Researchers says fist bumps are 20 times cleaner than shaking hands

HOUSTON (CW39) Houstonians already know that we are a very friendly city, but has that held true during the pandemic? You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out the answer to that question is, yes! We have remained true to our friendly style during these trying times, that’s according to Improvenet, who conducted a survey that had some maybe not so revealing statistics.

Improvenet surveyed 2,500 Americans from across the country to learn more about how neighbors are getting along during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This was taken by DJI phantom drone in Houston.

Here’s what they found:
69% of Americans have gotten to know their neighbors better during the pandemic and 65% have made an effort to be more friendly than usual. 
57% say neighbors have helped to fill the void of visiting with friends and family during the pandemic. 
54% say they’ve had at least one socially-distanced gathering with neighbors. 
During the pandemic, 67% have offered help of some sort to their neighbors and 62% say they’ve received the same offer in return.  

Houston specific data:
73% of Houston residents socialize frequently with their neighbors, ranking 5th nationally. 
83% of Houston residents offered to help their neighbors during the pandemic, ranking 2nd nationally.
38% of Houston residents socialized with their neighbors for 2 hours during the pandemic, ranking 20th nationally. 

Take a look at the full report here.


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