Houston’s 2020 most popular pet names


HOUSTON (CW39) This year has been unlike any other since recent memory, so to take your mind of the craziness, the folks over at Rover came up with this years most popular pet names list.

The Dog People at Rover unveiled their eighth annual report of the year’s most popular pet names and this year’s data confirms that our pets are truly a reflection of our passions and our day-to-day realities with COVID and the year’s events having a huge impact. 

The COVID-19 pandemic not only gave rise to the more obvious names, like Covi (up 1,159%), Rona (up 69%) and Corona (up 24%), it also led to the emergence of names like Fauci (a new name in 2020). The pandemic has brought about a new reality for many Americans, as well, with self-isolation and less socialization becoming the new normal. 

Binge-watching television is now a common pastime in most households and new pet names are a reflection with Geralt, from The Witcher, up 9,308% (the number one trending dog name in 2020), Mando, of The Mandalorian on Disney , up 2,658% (the number two trending dog name of 2020), and Tiger King’s “Carol” [Baskins] is trending up 46% in dog names. 

Here are some of the local Houston highlights:
Top Trending Dog Names: Seven
Top Trending Cat Name: Niko
Top 5 Female Dog Names: Bella, Luna, Sadie, Coco and Daisy
Top 5 Male Dog Names: Max, Charlie, Rocky, Duke and Bear
Top 5 Female Cat Names: Bella, Sophie, Luna, Chloe and Nala
Top 5 Male Cat Names: Leo, Oliver, Simba, Max and Milo
WIth COVID throwing a wrench into sports schedules and the Astros scandal, it’s no surprise that sports-inspired dog and cat names are trending down in Houston this year.

Houston food favorites inspire pet owners: 

  • There are dogs named after Houston food favorites like Pickles and Tortilla, however Chili and Nacho are trending down;
    Among cats, Nacho and Cheese are trending up while Taco and Pickle are trending down.

Dogs named after their beloved city, Houston, are up 27%; while dogs named after Texas are trending down this year. 
There were no dogs or cats named after anything COVID related in Houston.  Check out the full national report and Houston’s Top Pet Names & Trends report.



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