TEMPLE, Texas — As Thanksgiving approaches, many are out buying their turkeys, stuffing, and other sides for the big feast.

But for many, Thanksgiving can just be another day where it is difficult to find something to eat.

“On every other day of the week, we see about 150, 200 people.” Casey Mooney said, the Upcoming Director of Operations for Feed My Sheep. “And then those numbers jump up to about 300 on Thanksgiving.”

Feed My Sheep food bank has been handing out hot meals on Thanksgiving for many years. Despite the craziness of COVID-19, they were still able to do their work on Thanksgiving in 2020.

Now that this is more of a normal year, they are looking forward to helping out again. But with the supply chain shortages, they are seeing a decrease in day to day food necessities.

“Thanksgiving, everything’s been really taken care of,” he said. “The day to day things. Things that a lot of people don’t think of, paper goods, bags to put stuff in water, meats, that kind of stuff.”

“We get a lot of stuff from the Central Texas Food Bank,” he said. “And, you know, they’re struggling, too. And so a lot of the stuff that we get from them. Those numbers have gone down as well.”

Other food banks, like Churches Touching Lives for Christ, are partnering with other pantries to limit supply out take but still give out what people need.

“Love of Christ food bank over on airport road hand out turkeys during Thanksgiving,” CTLC Servant Director Early Lloyd said. “We will hand out turkeys during the Christmas. Part of that, starting up the first week of December.”

“We were handing out hams but we ran out. So we are substituting other protein sources instead of the ham,” Lloyd said.

Both food banks will accept any donation, no matter the size, and are looking for meat and other areas of protein, as those have taken a hit due to the shortage.

If you would like to make a donation, you can stop by Churches Touching Lives for Christ every Tuesday and Saturday and Feed My Sheep every day.