How you can help Human Trafficking Survivors have a “Fresh Start”


Creativity Shell

HOUSTON (CW39) It’s an issue that has a Big impact on the City of Houston. It’s Human Trafficking. Now one local non-profit is trying to make a difference, and they need your help to do it.

Creativity Shell is inviting families from the Houston community to help sew hearts on washcloths for the organization’s annual “Hearts for a Fresh Start” campaign. Finished washcloths will be delivered to survivors living in shelters who have been rescued from human trafficking. This is all part of their continuing effort to use creative arts to help fight human trafficking, and you can do it too.

The Creativity Shell’s mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers. The organization teaches sewing/textile arts and other trades classes to students in public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. Their programs are designed to educate and inspire children by teaching them essential life and practical skills.

Creativity Shell

“Thirty years ago, the phrase human trafficking” was not as widely used as it is today.” Says Shelancia Daniel, creative director at the Creativity Shell.  “We have stopped teaching our children basic skills and traffickers are exploiting this weakness by luring them into the trafficking industry with a false promise of fame and fortune with no skills required. “Hearts for a Fresh Start” is designed to raise awareness about human trafficking, teach basic hand sewing skills and give a children, families and schools the opportunity to learn more about human trafficking in our neighborhoods”.

The “Hearts for a Fresh Start” Campaign was recognized by the United States Congress in January 2018, for the creative approach to educate children and families about human trafficking. Since the onset of this program, thousands of washcloths have been adorned with two hand sewn hearts and delivered to local shelters in Houston.  The significance of the two hearts is to show the recipient that multiple hearts/people in the community care.

Creativity Shell

The Creativity Shell is asking the community for help to sew and deliver 5000 washcloths that will be distributed to local human trafficking and other shelters that provide a safe haven for people recovering from trauma. “While families, students and/or groups are sewing the washcloths, additional information will be provided by the Creativity Shell that will contain details on how to talk to children about human trafficking, different tactics that are used to lure victims into human trafficking as well as how to recognize signs of friends who may be current victims of human trafficking, trauma or abuse.” Says Brittnie Grono, campaign coordinator at the Creativity Shell.  “We really want to help educate the community on how to spot the signs of human trafficking and let the community know that everyone has the power to stop human trafficking in its tracks”.

“Hearts for a Fresh Start Kits” can be completed at home, participating schools, churches or another place of your convenience.  The Creativity Shell is asking for kits to be returned back to the organization by February 14, 2021 so they can be delivered to survivors.

If you would like to order a Sewing Kit… please click Creativity Shell Hearts For a Fresh Start. All orders must be received by 01/13/2021 .

If you would like to Donate and Support a student, family or school to participate in the Hearts for a Fresh Start campaign, please click Creativity Shell. All donors will be contacted to ensure that donations are sent to the school/program of their choice.

If you would like to partner with the Creativity Shell to host a church or group event for Hearts for a Fresh Start, please contact Brittnie Grono . The Creativity Shell will provide the materials, supplies as well as instructions for you to host an event.

Funds raised from the “Hearts for a Fresh Start” Campaign will be used to fund the Creativity Shell’s ongoing Anti-Luring Campaign that educates elementary, middle and high school students about the dangers of Luring and how it relates/leads to human trafficking. 

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