Hurricane Ida expected to be catastrophic when it reaches Louisiana, new forecast calls for category 4



HOUSTON (CW39) Simply put, Hurricane Ida will be catastrophic. It rapidly intensified Friday afternoon to a category 1 hurricane, and has ideal conditions ahead of it to allow it to continue to get stronger.


The latest National Hurricane Center update has increased the projected winds at landfall to category 4 strength: sustained winds up to 140 mph and occasional gusts up to 165 mph. Landfall will likely occur Sunday in Louisiana.


In addition to the winds, storm surge could peak at 7 to 11 feet, and rain totals will top out in the 10-20″ range.

Locally in Houston, many people have been asking what kind of impact, if any, we’ll see here. Some scattered storms are possible through Saturday, but that’s separate from Ida. There will be marine impacts, including higher than normal waves offshore and dangerous rip currents.


As seen above, it could be “a bit breezy” Sunday night to Monday morning, especially farther east of Houston, but winds will get nowhere near a level that would be concerning.

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