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HOUSTON- As we are in the middle of an already active storm season, a foundation repair business, Groundworks Companies, analyzed what U.S. cities are most at risk for storm surge and their potential reconstruction cost value.

Houston ranked seventh on that list with an estimated reconstruction cost of 64 billion dollars. Miami, Florida and New York City topped the list.

We know storm surge is more likely to impact people further down the Texas coast. Brian Black with Groundworks Companies explains what they took into account when making this analysis and why Houston ranks in the top ten.

“We looked at the overlying amount of water that’s going to be caused by storm surge and we looked at basically the number of structures that would be affected by that increase in water and so it was simple math from that point. Houston fell squarely at number seven in those high storm surge areas,” explained Black.

Black suggests looking into home and flood insurance if you can.

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