Houston Salvation Army prepares to help as Laura approaches

Hurricane Laura

Salvation Army Preparing to Assist

HOUSTON (CW 39) — Organizations are gearing up to help during the approaching storm. The local downtown Salvation Army is planning ahead to assist those in need.

Are you prepared?

Salvation Army’s Major Zack Bell spoke with CW39 early Tuesday morning about how the organization is hoping for the best, but preparing for major local impact.

We pray that the storm goes away. We pray that if it hits, it hits a place where no one’s at. – But we also prepare for the worst.

Salvation Army’s Major Zack Bell

The Salvation Army is also coordinating efforts, including supplies for th mobile food unit.

Sarah Smith has been with the Salvation Army for twelve years and has served as the organization’s disaster coordinator since Hurricane Harvey. She says they’ve been planning food and canteens since last week. She says they work with the city to serve areas with the greatest need.

Here’s a look!

We take a look inside the mobile food and canteen unit.

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