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HOUSTON (CW 39) — Local authorities continue to urge Houstonians to prepare for Hurricane Laura — including the possibility of evacuations.

Local Office of Emergency Management representative Francisco Sanchez says what is most important is that the forecast continues to change and that local residents continue to monitor conditions and alerts.

“You need to check the forecast multiple times a day. This is really important, especially with how it has changed this morning, ” Sanchez says.

If you are new to Houston, you may live in a “zip zone,” which are evacuation zones, and you will likely be encouraged to evacuate.

On Tuesday, Harris County announced the first two voluntary evacuation orders for Zones A and B.

Find out if you live in a “zip zone.”

Pink Zone is Coastal. Zone A is highlighted in yellow. Zone B is in green.

“If you are in an evacuation zone and you have been asked to evacuate by your local emergency manager, you need to take that action and you need to take it now,” Sanchez says.

Sanchez adds that this morning is the time to prepare for an emergency evacuation, including meds and COVID-19 prevention gear.

“Make sure you have enough medicine, food water and ice to last you for a week,” Sanchez added.

” Make sure you have all the sanitation, masks that you could need and a way for your mobile devices to stay charged.”

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