Improving Indoor Air tips from HVAC experts


HOUSTON — How clean is your air? From combating allergies, to even the coronavirus, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems can play a big role in decreasing the spread of infectious diseases transmitted through aerosols.

CW39 Houston’s Maggie Flecknoe spoke with the experts at John Moore Services and they offered some great tips on improving indoor air quality.

The most important thing, you need to make sure the system is breathing properly. That means changing your filters as often as possible. Look at it every month. You can tell if it’s not because your vents will start to smell.

Also, in addition to changing your filters you need to check on your evaporator coil, that’s the system that removes the heat out of the air.

Another tip, on a cooler day open a door or window allowing some fresh air to flow in, that way not everyone is breathing and re-breathing the same air.

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