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Today a panel of judges from the 14th Court of Appeals today ruled that Harris County may allow voters without immunity to COVID-19 to apply for a mail ballot.

Details about action taken by the Harris County appellate court were included in a statement issued by County Attorney Vince Ryan:

The appellate court ordered that the temporary injunction issued by a state district court in Travis County will remain in effect until appeals are exhausted. That judge ruled that the lack of COVID immunity qualifies as a “disability” under the broad definition state election law gives that term to include “physical conditions” that would endanger a voter’s health” if they were to vote in person. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed the temporary injunction with the claim that the state would suffer irreparable harm if voters were allowed to claim this “disability.” But Paxton is misstating the issue by claiming voters want vote by mail because of “fear” of COVID.  That’s not what the court ruled and it’s not what Harris County is seeking in our efforts to protect voters’ health and safety.  The Harris County Attorney’s Office will continue to fight to ensure that voters do not have to risk their health in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote in an election.

Office of Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan

Read the full court order.

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