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Lindsey Day

Did you know research shows exercise reduces behavioral issues in kids and helps with memory and concentration? 

And in days when we’re all looking to boost our immune systems … yeah exercise does that too! 

Here is a workout anyone can do with me from 7 to 70 plus year olds!

1) Shoulder press Jacks:

Jump your feet in and out as you press your object overhead. 

You can use dumbbells, gallon water jugs – which weigh about 10 lbs. each, cans of laundry detergent, or jars of pasta sauce.

If the jumping is too much, simply march in place as you push the object up.

2) Weighted plank extensions

Start in a plank position. Pick your object up and extend your arm straight out in front, switching arms as fast as you can. You can modify this by dropping your knees.

3) Bent Over Rows to work the back, shoulders and core

Hinge at your hips to bend over just shy of 90 degrees. Keep your back flat to slightly arched with a neutral neck position. Row your object up as fast as you can. For my fitness fanatics, for every 5 rows, throw in a jump back and possibly a push up!

4) Finally, a bent over lateral raise

Stay in the same position, only this time, with straight arms, lift them laterally until they’re parallel with the floor. 

Rest 1 minute and repeat a total of 5 times, then pat yourself on the back for taking control of your health!

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