New ‘ringside’ workout puts the one, two punch on your weight loss goals

Lindsey Day Fitness
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We have one of the best-kept secrets to sustaining your fitness routine: you’ve gotta make it FUN!

Our fitness expert Lindsey Day is here to show us a new boxing-inspired fitness class called Ringside! You’ll do all the conditioning moves the champs do to boost your strength and cardio!

LINDSEY DAY: If you aspire to be like Rocky but don’t want to shoot back raw egg whites, Ashlie with Life Time has us covered!

Okay, Ashlie, Ringside combines boxing, weights AND cardio. A triple threat! Who is it for and what kind of moves are you “torturing” us with?

ASHLIE SUSTAITA: This is for anyone who wants to switch up their workout and break through plateaus! We’ll do step back lunges, jump rope, and jab cross punches with dumbbells.

LINDSEY: Okay, we can do this! Take us through the moves!

ASHLIE: We’re starting with a jab, jab hook punch! Great let’s keep it going! Now Tisha is showing us how to jump rope. This will get your cardio up! We’ll do step back lunges, using the box. And finally jump back into a plank position followed by jab cross punches.

LINDSEY: Let’s knock out those fitness goals!

These Ringside classes are launching nationwide the first week of November.



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