Galveston hosts 14th Annual Women’s Conference to discuss women’s issues


They learned how they can change their own lives and someone else's

HOUSTON (KIAH)- Women from all over the country gathered in the Moody Convention center to discuss issues surrounding women, mental health, and overall how to live a happier life.

Christine Roe says she decided to attend this event because of everything that is happening politically in Texas.

“It’s more important now than ever to raise our voices and to have these conversations and if we’re not doing this, we’re doing ourselves an injustice,” attendee Christine Roe said.

Unbound Houston is an organization that trains individuals in the community to spot the signs of human trafficking. This event has been an outlet for them to spread awareness.

“They will tell me I sat through your program it was so informative because my neighbor’s daughter, my niece, we noticed these behaviors and I feel like we saved them,” Kerrie Taylor, Executive Director of Unboound Houston, said.

Gina Spagnola, the president of Galveston’s Chamber of Commerce, says Galveston is the perfect place to put an event like this because Galveston is known as a place of serenity for so many Texans who just need to get away even if it is just for a day. This event also brings a ton of business to Galveston.

“When COVID hit and those doors were closing, those we’re open signs were turned around. That is when our work was the most important, so we’re big supporters of small business and shopping locally,” Spagnola said. “Those businesses are the ones that support our teams, our schools.”

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