HOUSTON (KIAH) — An argument between two men turns deadly when authorities say they both pull out knives, stabbing each other to death.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday night in Channelview, a woman called 911 to report the stabbing at a trailer park on the 16000 block of Avenue D near Sheldon Road.

When Harris County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found two men inside a mobile home dead.

Investigators told us that the woman was living there with one of the men. She reportedly called the other man to come over.

When the second man arrived, both men began arguing. As the fight escalated, they pulled out knives and stabbed each other.

Deputies said they don’t know what they were arguing about.

Authorities believe another woman and a child left the trailer before police got there.

Witnesses say they believe that the two men were the woman’s current and former boyfriends.