2 suspected MS-13 gang members charged in ‘satanic’ slaying of teen girl appear in court

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HOUSTON — Prosecutors unveiled startling details in the sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping of two teenage girls as two suspected gang members went before a judge Thursday morning in probable cause court. The men were arrested in connection to the death of one the victims.

The Houston Police Department was investigating the aggravated sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl who claims she was kidnapped and repeatedly molested by members of the MS-13 gang at an apartment in the 2900 block of Gessner Road.

Investigators said the teen went to an apartment on Glenmont Drive after running away from school Feb. 2. When she entered the apartment, police said  two men were inside and packaging large amounts of cocaine. The teen tried to leave, but the men wouldn’t allow it.

Prosecutors said the teen was held for four days before being given to a man nicknamed “Flaco” and moved to the apartment on Gessner Road. Investigators said “Flaco” also sexually assaulted the victim.

The teen claims the second apartment is where she met the deceased victim, who investigators said she identified as Genesis. She said she also met the gang’s alleged leader, Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22. Prosecutors said his street name is “Diabolico.”

While the teens were held captive at the apartment, investigators said the victims were regularly forced to consume alcohol and drugs in order to remain intoxicated. The surviving victim claims Alvarez-Flores tattooed an image of the Grim Reaper on her body, which stretched from her knee to her foot.

The victim claims Genesis insulted the shrine dedicated to the gang’s alleged satanic beliefs one night. “Diabolico” was offended and brought the shrine an offering of a lit cigarette, prosecutors said. The leader emerged from the shrine moments later and told the other gang members “the beast” could not be satisfied with material offerings but instead wanted a soul, investigators said.

Prosecutors said that’s when Alvarez-Flores allegedly turned to accused gang member Diego Alexander Hernandez-Rivera, 18, and told him to prepare himself because “it was his turn.”

When the victim woke up the next morning, she noticed Genesis was gone. Investigators said the accused men made up a rouse that they were taking Genesis with them on a run to meet the gang’s marijuana supplier.

Alvarez-Flores and Hernandez-Rivera are accused of taking Genesis to the side of a road somewhere in southwest Harris County, where they allegedly took the girl out of the car and brought her to a grassy area.

Prosecutors said Alvarez-Flores handed Hernandez-Rivera a pistol and suggested he shoot Genesis. Hernandez allegedly took the gun, turned to the girl and fired one shot into the victim’s head at close range. Officers said Alvarez-Flores then took the gun back and shot the victim a second time in the chest.

Officers found the girl’s body on Feb. 16.

Alvarez-Flores and Hernandez-Rivera went before a judge Thursday morning. The men are charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder.

It isn’t clear who has been charged in the aggravated sexual assault of the surviving victim.

Bail has been set at $150,000 for each man.

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